Mission Statement

To encourage and promote philanthropy on the broadest possible scale by providing a vehicle through which a large number of people of ordinary means can collaborate to make a significant positive impact on the lives of others.

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The charity with the most votes will receive the money raised in the second cycle of the Archimedes Alliance.

It’s not like you don’t already give money. Think about it. The occasional quarter in that little plastic tray at your favorite grocery store’s checkout line. A crumpled dollar bill tossed to a homeless person on the street. Almost everyone gives something to charity. Almost anyone can afford two dollars. Almost everyone has given two dollars. Now what if everyone took all those little contributions and added them all together? Suddenly spare change wouldn’t be a drop in the ocean, it could change the tide!

Where did the Archimedes Alliance come from? A 13-year-old boy saw a world filled with hunger, poverty and disease and he wanted to change it, but he didn’t have a million dollars lying around. And he knew there were other 13-year-olds like him. And 30-year-olds. And 83-year-olds. And he was inspired by Archimedes, the Greek philosopher and mathematician who said, “give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I can move the Earth.” The Archimedes Alliance is that place to stand. You are the lever. Together, we will move the Earth.

The Archimedes Alliance is built on one simple principle: a very large number of very small contributions can have a significant effect. The Archimedes Alliance uses the power of social media to attempt to reach 1 million people and convince them to donate $2 each. Every donor can vote on 1 of 3 charities to receive the money. All the money raised is then donated to the organization selected by the contributors, and a new cycle begins.

1,000,000 people? Impossible. You’ll never reach that many. Not true. Think of it this way: If you convince just ten people to give two dollars, and each one of them gets ten more people to donate, and each of them gets ten people to donate, and this happens just three more times, that’s 1,111,110 people! That number doesn’t seem so big now does it?

And you don’t have to be a billionaire to change the world. Two dollars. That’s all it takes. That’s about as expensive as a bag of your favorite potato chips. How many bags of chips have you bought in your life?