Candidate Charities

These are the charities that are candidates to receive the money raised in the second cycle of the Archimedes Alliance. Be sure to visit their websites and then return here to vote on your favorite after you make your contribution

18 votes

VillageReach works to provide easier access to healthcare for remote, underserved communities worldwide. These communities are often isolated or cut off from most of the world. As a result, they are impoverished and unable to get sufficient healthcare. VillageReach also works to improve the quality and reliability of healthcare in these communities. It collaborates with governments, businesses, non profits, and other organizations.

This organization was selected for the following reasons: VillageReach is’s only Gold Medal charity with strong evidence of effectiveness, excellent cost-effectiveness and excellent transparency. It distributes medical supplies to rural areas in Africa and provides healthcare to those who would not otherwise have access to it. In so doing, it saves human lives. It is a relatively small and young organization that is projected to have a significant impact.

20 votes

CHOICE Humanitarian works in several villages in Kenya, Nepal, Bolivia, Guatemala and Mexico. They connect motivated villages to resources and tools to help the villagers change their lives, as well building skills, capacities and leadership of the villagers. For almost 30 years, they have worked to help entire villages break the cycle of poverty and become fully functioning, self-sufficient communities.

This organization was chosen for the following reasons: It works in several countries, instead of focusing solely on one community, village or country. It works to break the cycle of poverty by providing resources and teaching villagers how to be self-sufficient. It focuses on helping the villagers help themselves rather than simply providing them with money or food.

38 votes

Charity Water works to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. They work in 20 countries to help provide more than 2 million people with one of the most basic human needs. They don’t believe in perfect universal fixes, just simple, effective solutions. They have funded more than 8,000 water projects across the globe, and in doing so have saved countless lives

This organization was chosen for the following reasons: It works to help provide clean water for bathing and drinking, something most of us take for granted, to communities that have no other access to it. It raises awareness about the number of people without clean water in other countries, and compels people to educate themselves and act. It provides proof of its work through dynamic maps, statistics, and stories from the field.