About the Charitable Partnership Fund

The Charitable Partnership Fund (CPF) is a 501(c)(3) public benefit organization incorporated in 1999. Its mission is to increase philanthropic activity. It does this through three basic programs: transaction services for non-profits; incubating and housing new ideas, services and projects for non-profit outreach by individuals and organizations; and social benefit investing to leverage altruistic and charitable dollars for human good (e.g. decreasing poverty or increasing education). The Archimedes Alliance is a project of the CPF and governed by the Archimedes Alliance committee.

All donations may be made through Pay Pal. To control costs, there will be no IRS deduction reporting made to donors contributing less than $10 or combined donations of less than $100 annually. The combined cost for transactions and other costs associated with the web site are estimated to be about 5% of the amount raised, depending upon how much is raised. PayPal charges $0.36 per transaction at this level. After PayPal's fees, 95% of what is raised will go to organizations supported by the Archimedes Alliance project.

If you would like to make recurring donations to the Archimedes Alliance without incurring PayPal fees, please contact us at: recurringdonations@archimedesalliance.org