Q: Why should I give to the Archimedes Alliance instead of just one of the charities?
A: The Archimedes Alliance is set up to receive small donations of two dollars or more, without sacrificing a significant percentage to administrative costs. The Archimedes Alliance will leverage these small donations to make a large impact.

Q: How do I know I can trust your organization?
A: All contributions are processed by the Charitable Partnership Fund. The Charitable Partnership Fund (CPF) is a 501(c)(3) public benefit organization incorporated in 1999. Its mission is to increase philanthropic activity. It does this through three basic programs: transaction services for non-profits; incubating and housing new ideas, services and projects for non-profit outreach by individuals and organizations; and social benefit investing to leverage altruistic and charitable dollars for human good (e.g. decreasing poverty or increasing education). The Archimedes Alliance is a project of the CPF and governed by the Archimedes Alliance committee. http://www.cpfgives.org/

Q: Can I give more than two dollars?
A: Absolutely. Two dollars is the minimum; larger donations are always acceptable.

Q: Can I give less than two dollars?
A: No.

Q: Can I give monthly donations?
A: Yes. The Archimedes Alliance is set up to process recurring donations.

Q: Is my donation tax-deductible?
A: To control costs, there will be no IRS deduction reporting made to donors contributing less than $10 or combined donations of less than $100 annually. For those making recurring gifts through a bank account debit process, an email confirming a donation to the Charitable Partnership Fund for the Archimedes Alliance project will be sent to those supplying an email address.

Q: How much of the money raised goes to charity?
A: The combined cost for transactions and other costs associated with the web site are estimated to be about 5% of the amount raised, depending upon how much is raised. This means that 95% of what is raised will go to organizations supported by the Archimedes Alliance project.

Q: Do you accept suggestions?
A: Yes. See “Contact Us.”

Q: Will you stop if you don’t reach 1 million people by your deadline?
A: No. 1 million people is a goal, not a set amount. If more people donate, fantastic; if fewer people donate, all the money raised will be provided to the selected organization.

Q: How do you choose the charities.
A: The criteria for choosing charities are as follows:

  • The organizations must focus primarily on helping human beings rather than causes. For example, rather than trying to find a cure for cancer they will help people suffering from cancer live better lives.
  • The organizations should not have a significant primary source of income or single funder, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This ensures that the funds raised will have a measurable and immediate impact on an organization that doesn’t have the benefit of powerful backers.
  • The Alliance will favor organizations that give 80% or more of the money they raise to their target population rather than paying large overheads, salaries or administrative expenses.
  • The Alliance will not fund organizations whose principal mission is religious, although religious affiliation does not disqualify an organization.